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Living 150m from the sea, in the heart of the Marche region.
Apartment by the sea

Apartment by the sea

The pleasure of buying an apartment on the sea is accompanied by the knowledge that they have a resource that retains its value over time, because it is housing that can be exploited in all months of the year. An apartment on the sea is a dream for many, but only those proposals that can be said to st eramente full information on the purchase and the choice of a home that can boast of modularity features of modernity are part of the range of choices that our organization we sell.

The convenience of a house 150 meters from the sea are a definite plus compared to a house that is located in large cities, perhaps in the urban periphery, with all the problems of access and livability that this choice entails. An apartment on the sea combines the availability of an immediate and easy access to the sea with the benefits of a livable environment and provided with all facilities.

Choosing to buy an apartment on the beach, our guests will find confirmation of the renewed attention that the building of quality invest in this type of residence. Our proposals allow you to select a wide range of offerings that allow you to find the optimum profile of apartment for your needs. The moment you are going to choose an apartment near the sea, sapeteche is a choice that allows you to combine two distinct but important requirements. On the one hand, in fact, potercogliere the opportunity to live in a home that is close to the sea in summer and allows you to enjoy the comforts of home for the holidays, and the other side of a residence that has value and is completely livable all year round, offering modern facilities and comfortable, in a high quality urban environment.

The value of an investment in an apartment on the beach is certainly superior to many other solutions, providing a strong quality residential environment with the advantages of proximity to the sea.
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