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Living 150m from the sea, in the heart of the Marche region.
Your homes in Le Marche

Your homes in the Marche

Buy a house in the Marche is to make a good economic investment and quality of life. The Marche is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and unspoiled regions of Italy.

Having a house in the Marche is to live in contact with nature and appreciate all the Marche region, a stunning masterpiece of nature and of man who knew blend perfectly between the great beauty of the area and the proximity of so many views and landscapes of rare intensity and beauty.

Perhaps few people know that Dustin Hoffman, the famous Hollywood actor starring the most beautiful American films (just think of the "Graduate"), loves the Marche region and is often these beautiful places, for a testimony of his love for this beautiful region.

Discover Le Marche is a multi-sensory journey, which involves all the senses so emotional. The Marche delight, through the territories of the five provinces, each very different yet similar them, so that every village, every corner of the Marches in the visitor stirs new emotions and amazing.

The houses in the Marches represent a view that is captured by a variety of landscapes and multiple involving: a sea and a coastline from various types, the expanse of the hills from the profile unmistakable, which combines the natural colors and masterful hand of man, impressed in historic towns, shrines, castles, abbeys, the Apennine mountains, forests, peaks and valleys to explore, where the legend of the Sibyl resonate.

Dwelling in the countries and towns, you can discover many museums and churches that preserve, as precious treasures, countless works of art, Crivelli, Piero della Francesca, Raphael to Bellini, Titian, Lotto, to mention only these majors, but next to them, expressions of lesser-known artists or art or life testimonies of people that contribute, together with masterpieces, to tell the story of a region characterized by proud and prestigious common lordships.

Living here also means being stimulated and intrigued by a variety of craft products high quality, such as paper filigree, or bobbin lace, or the production of ceramics and earthenware according to traditional methods.
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